Ed Forbis Exhibition + Book Launch

Ed Forbis is the story of the former stunt-riding cowboy from the iconic Marlboro commercials of the 1980’s. After a long career as a travelling cowboy and rancher, Forbis now lives and works at the Grand Canyon packing Mules and caring for the Horses that are used by rangers and tour guides. Now far removed from the limelight, Ed is living a simpler life, staying connected with nature and the animals.
The story was photographed at Ed’s current home on the south rim of The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA. The work explores the enduring themes of man’s relationship with nature, as well as serving as a record of the cowboy, a fading culture and long-standing heroic American archetype now vanishing in the modern mechanised world.

Join us on Thursday 15th June, from 7.30pm!
Entrance is free and drinks will be provided. We look forward to welcoming you to theprintspace Gallery.
Exhibition runs: 16th – 26th June
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