Northern Rivers by Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul

opening: 25.08.2018, 7:00 p.m.

Miejsce przy Miejscu 14 Gallery
Strzelecki 14 Square, Wrocław

The title Northern Rivers (North Rivers) is the name of the area in New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its white beaches, wild nature and ideal surfing conditions. Since the 1970’s this region has become an epicenter for various types of hippie communes and people looking for alternative lifestyles. This is where the heroes of Lola Paprocka’ & Pani Paul’s photography come from.

The group they portrayed is Our Strong Brotherhood. This name is like the badge of their teenage identity. A small private community, based on friendship, loyalty and growing up together. The portraits of the young men are complemented by photographs of their immediate surroundings: the type of houses they live in, and the natural landscape, whose beauty and awe influence who they are and who they will become. It is difficult to determine the time in which the pictures were taken – is it now or is the picture from the 1980s? Details of their clothes and hairstyles do not make the task easy. One thing is for sure: it is a warm summer. Endless summer.

curator: Łukasz Rusznica

Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul is a Polish/Australian photographic duo whose work is a combination of documentary sensitivity and editorial aesthetics.

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Northern Rivers Exhibition